Monday, April 20, 2009

All Set, Mommy!

So Ezra has been genuinely working on the potty training lately. We've had him in Pull-Ups since forever, but much like Zachary, he pretty much saw them as diapers and had a hard time distinguishing wet from dry, much less actually trying to make it to the potty. Since he's been able to pee on demand for a long time, I decided to suck it up and just have him run around in a shirt and underpants (he's so anti-pants that he didn't often wear those anyway). We've had a few accidents but not many; he's actually been doing really well. Now, unless we're going somewhere or we (Daddy) are feeling especially lazy, he's in underpants full time. He's a first-thing-in-the-morning pooper, so he usually wakes up wet and poopy. So we're not working hard on that particular hurdle yet, but otherwise, potty training is going just great. (Aren't you glad you tuned in to read about my kid's defecation habits? I tell you, I don't have that much going on in my life.)

So anyway, today he had a little accident, so I told him to go potty, then put his pants (he was actually wearing them today) and underpants down the laundry chute, then grab clean ones. What I meant was clean underpants:
He dressed himself, then ran up to me and announced, "I'm all set, Mommy!" And who was I to argue? He'd put on pants, no underpants, and the pants were on backwards (that's the elastic cinch at the waist peeking out the top there). They were also folded over on the top, so that he had the most definite plumber appearance going on. But he was so deliciously proud of himself, announcing that he was "all set" for whatever adventure he had planned next! (That adventure, I believe was emptying out the bin of books.)

Of course, as soon as I pulled out the camera, I had to take pictures of everyone. So here, just because it's so dang cute, is one of Matilda and Ezra. I love that he's hugging her so sincerely, I love it that they really do resemble one another; but mostly I think I love it that he may be two years older, but her head looks like it's exactly the same size! And he's got one gigantic head. Part of it's the perspective, but my kids do grow some gigantic heads.

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Aunt Becky said...

They're killing me with their cuteness. And you're reminding me that I really need to get in gear and think about potty training Alex.